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This site is dedicated to gathering the basic family genealogy of the Hancock family,  from Thomas 1, the father of William 1 Hancock, who was born c. 1550 in England, through Jamestown and the Berkeley 100, in Virginia, Tennessee, and Texas.  Hopefully, this site will expand the history of Hancock family to include not only what is already on the internet, but add more reliable information about the recently passed descendants and the living descendants for future generations. 

This site will depend on and, hopefully, add substantially to the genealogy already developed on Geocities.com 'Hancock/Handcock Genealogy Project-Worldwide' .....use the following links  http://www.geocities.com/heatherjvw/HANCOCK1/Book/index.htm#toc for a 'Table of Contents'  to the generations already charted or partially charted...
http://www.geocities.com/heatherjvw/HANCOCK1/Book/nindex.htm#sx for the 'Index'
www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/7502/hancock/gen1.htm ...for the first generation information and http://members.aol.com/heatherjvw/Hancock/charts.htm for the 'chart' or 'links' to the work of numerous developers of various sections of genealogy of Hancocks from William 1 

and the 'Hancock-L" (I do not know how the "-L" got in the name) site on Rootsweb.com  ( HANCOCK-L@rootsweb.com  is an email address that will get you into the Rootsweb 'network'...sorry we do not yet know more of the Rootsweb site other than that it is owned by Ancestry.com which, I think, is owned by the Mormon Church.  There are 3 ways we can use that web site and there is a cost to use any of them; however, I think it will be worth it when one can devote sufficient time to use it to research.)

As a starting point, this page will overlap portions of those Hancock websites from Leander Morrow "Lee" Hancock of Tennessee, his son, William 9 L. Hancock of Tennesee and later, Texas, and William's children,  Peter Lee 10 Hancock, Sallie 10 Hancock Everett, and William (Will) Lee 10 Hancock, all originally of Palmer, Ellis County, Texas. 

As the most available information is that of the Peter Lee 10 Hancocks, that portion of the family will be listed first insofar as the acquiescence and permission of those living descendants allow... There are many "gaps" and, probably, just as many mistakes... if you can help with either, write me at don@worldlogon.com or at Milford TX 76670
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I.  LOU BURNEY HANCOCK, born April 16, 1888 in Palmer, TX; died May 1, 1972, at Plainview, Hale County, Texas; married VERA LAVINDA PORTER (born April 12, 1889, in Seymour, TX) on APRIL 12, 1910, in Silverton, TX. He died March 10, 1975, in Plainview, TX, in Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas. 

A. LEABELLE HANCOCK, born February 29, 1912 and died November 11, 2003 at Pflugerville, TX, buried at    Olton, Lamb County, TX; married CARL WAGGONER HOOPER (born May 3, 1920, died October 4, 1978 at
Lubbock, Lubbock County, TX, buried at Olton, Lamb County, TX).

1.  BURNEY DAN HOOPER, BORN March 21, 1948, married DANA KITE (born January 23, 1948) on                    August 11, 1967, in Olton, Lamb County, Texas. Olney, TX 76374

a.CAROLYN CELESTE (CARRIE) HOOPER, born November 12, 1970.  Bennie Canada, December                                    9, 2003),Olney, TX 76374, Bennie’s children are:

aa. DaNiel Canada, (16), born _____ at
bb. Tiffany Canada, (13) born _____ at
cc. Katie Canada,  (9) born _____ at

2.  EDDIE LYNN HOOPER, born October 24, 1950, in Plainview, TX; married CAROL HICKS (born August 19,                       1950) on August 7, 1971, in Olton, Lamb County, Texas.  OLTON, TX. 79064

a. TROY LYNN HOOPER, born May 23, 1974; married KIMBERLY COMBS (born April 25, 1972).   

aa. EMILY RAE HOOPER, born July 5, 2002, at Lubbock, Lubbock County, TX.

b. RONNIE REA HOOPER, born July 20, 1977, Lewisville, TX.

c. BRIAN CARL HOOPER, born June 10, 1982, is in the Marines, moving about abit….

B. CLYDE WRIGHT HANCOCK, born July 13, 1923, d. January 7, 1944), married EINELL SMITHEE (August 4, 1915) in Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas, on July 19, 1935.  She later married HERBERT (HUB) BRAMBLETT, (born June 6, 1913, at Hico, Tx) June 20, 1989, at Plainview, TX.


1.  TEDDY GAIL ‘TED’ HANCOCK, born November 23, 1941, married WANDA JEAN CHAMBLISS (born April                    21, 1942) on October 29, 1960, in Plainview, Hale County, Texas. CHILDREN:

a. WILLIAM GORDON HANCOCK, b April 8, 1967, in Lubbock, TX, married SANDEE BAIN, had no                                 children, then married JANA QUISENBERRY, born October 1, 1970, at Lockney, TX. Lockney, TX 79241;

aa. WILLIAM SCOT HANCOCK, born October 10, 2001, at Lockney, TX.

bb. DUSTY JAYE HANCOCK, born February 6, 2003, at Lockney, TX.

b. RHONDA HANCOCK, born January 3, 1970, in Plainview, Hale County, TX.  Married CLAUDE                                         ROBERT KEMP, January 15, 1991, in Canyon, TX.  Divorced January 17, 1997.

aa. VAUGHN ANDREW KEMP, born June 6, 1992, in Amarillo, TX.

C. BERNADINE HANCOCK, born November 13, 1915; died October 18, 1973, in Lubbock, TX; married RALPH H. CHENEY, born July 12, 1910, in Liberal, Kansas; died ____); married in Roswell, N. M.

1. CHRISTINE CHENEY, born August 27, 1950, in Ruidoso, NM, married GEORGE WILLIAM PEARSON, born                     December 2, 1947, in Ruidoso, NM on June 11, 1968.

a.KELLY PEARSON, born December 21, 1971 at El Paso, Texas. Married JAMES THOMAS LORD,                                  born December 21, 1971, on August 6, 1994, in Rifle, Co.

aa. KOLBY JAMES LORD, born May 27, 2000 at Glenwood Springs, CO. 

bb.  KADEN JAMES LORD, born July 24, 2002, at Glenwood Springs, Co.

b. KASEY PEARSON, born June 19, 1974, in Englewood, CO.

D. DON HANCOCK, born February 13, 1932, married SHANNON RUTHERFORD, (born June 16, 1933, died July 24, 1988) on March 2, 1956, in Rockwall, TX. MILFORD, TX. 76670  Don@worldlogon.com or dch@waymark.net 

1. KIMBERLY BRYN HOLLEY, born December 24, 1956, in Dallas, TX.  Married CHARLES RAY HOLLEY,                          born December 6, 1955, in Italy, Ellis County, Texas, on April 15, 1977.

       a. SEAN CRISTOPHER HOLLEY, BORN November 4, 1977, in Waxahachie, TX. Married Sarah Walser                            (Born November 19, 1984 in Tulsa, OK) on March 13, 2004, in Amarillo, TX.

b. MICHAELA RAY HOLLEY, born November 16, 1979, in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Married KENYA                                GATES, On March 22, 2001, at Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas. 

aa. DAVID CHRISTIAN GATES, born June 16, 1996, at Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas. 

bb. ELIZABETH SYMONE GATES, born September 21, 1999, at HILLSBORO, Hill County, TX.
cc. HANNAH ALEXANDRIA GATES, born November 20, 2001, in Hillsboro, Hill County, TX.

c. SHANNON ANGELICA HOLLEY, born July 31, 1987, at Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas. 

d. SAMANTHA LOREN HOLLEY, born December 12, 1990, Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas

2. JOHN SCOTT HANCOCK, born November 13, 1959, married PATRICIA ANNE BYRD, born December 1,                          1957, in Bremerhaven, Germany. (d. July 11?, 1994, in Hill County, TX) married in Ouray, CO on July ___,                       1992.

1. SCOT-ANNE HANCOCK, born September 25, 1993, at home on Tres Vidas Ranch in Hill County, TX,

3. STEVEN CLARK HANCOCK, born January 3, 1960, at Denver City, Texas, married MELANIE SUSAN JUSKO                RUSK, in Milford, Ellis County, Texas, on May 18, 2002, born February 20, 1960, at Waco, Texas,

a. ANDREW (RUSK) HANCOCK, born at Dallas, TX on 8 22 94.

b. SETH PORTER HANCOCK, born December 3, 2002, at Dallas, Dallas County, TX.

4.  JON KENDRICK HANCOCK, born March 9, 1969, married LAURA KATHRYN SULAK, born May 2, 1969, at                     Pasadena, Harris County, TX, on March 20, 1997, in West TX., in Hillsboro, Hill County, TX.

a. ZAKARY GERIK SULAK HANCOCK, born AUGUST 31, 1989, in Waco, McLennan County, TX.

b. SABRYNA KATHRYN ROSE SULAK HANCOCK, born  January 28, 1992, in Waxahachie, Ellis                                      County, TX.

c. AIDAN RUTHERFORD SULAK HANCOCK 14, born March 3, 1998, in Temple, Bell County, TX.

d. CALLIE GRACE SULAK HANCOCK 14, born April  25, 2002, in Temple, Bell County, TX.

PETER LEE, HANCOCK, son of William Hancock, was born August 20, 1866, in Palmer, Ellis County, Texas; died May 12, 1954, at Hobbs, Lea County, NM; married IDA JANE HARVILLE, born December 24, 1868, at Russelville, AR; died June 15, 1950 at Hobbs, Lea County, NM; married on October 10, 1886, at Palmer, Ellis Co., TX.

2.  BERTHA LOIS HANCOCK, Born November 6, 1895, died December 11, 1991, married JAMES CARLTON RHODERICK, Born August 20, 1896, died November 5, 1972, Married November 29, 1919, at Silverton, Texas,

A.  J. C. RHODERICK, born December 11, 1920, died  January 28, 1989, AT Quitaque, Texas, married LORETHA HARRISON, born September 7, 1941, at Quitaque, TX

1. EDDIE DALE RHODERICK, born August 9, 1958, married CHARLOTTE MARTIN, born July 14, 1955, on                          August 17, 1985, at Silverton, Texas 79257.

a. KENDRA RHODERICK, BORN August 16, 1983, at Amarillo? TX. , ___ .

b. KIMBERLY BLAIZER, born April 24, 1979,

c. KODY JOE RHODERICK, born March 9, 1985, in Amarillo, TX?  

Eddie and Charlotte’s children ?:

d. JIMMY CHANCE RHODERICK, born May 11, 1986, at Plainview, Hale County, Texas.

e. CHARLA DALE RHODERICK, born September 16, 1990.

2.  JAMES ‘JIMMY’ CARLTON RHODERICK III, born June 18, 1942, married SHERRILL PALMER, born JULY                       9, 1945, on July 8, 1951.  Then married to YVONNE FAVOR,  

  a. STACY BIRD RHODERICK, born March 13, 1964,in Plainview, Hale County, Texas. Married DAVID                                  BIRD, born May 1, 1965, on May 25, 1984.

1.  ERICA LEE RHODERICK, born January 2, 1989.

2.  SARAH ELIZABETH RHODERICK, born September 5, 1992.

b. WRESHA MARIE RHODERICK, born April 4, 1967, married ALEX TORREZ, born March 25, 1963, on                              June 6, 1990, in Plainview, Texas.

aa.  BRADEN MICHAEL RHODERICK, born November 29, 1992, in Lubbock, Texas

bb.  MAX AUSTIN RHODERICK, born February 6, 1995.

CC.  CLAIRE ALYSSE R., born December 17, 1999.

B. BILLY FRANK RHODERICK, May 7, 1928, MARRIED PATSY LEE BROWN, BORN July 1, 1934, on March 17,              1950, at Quitaque, Briscoe County, Texas, Lubbock, TX

1. MICHAEL FRANK RHODERICK, October 12, 1950, and married PATRICIA ANN (PATSY) JOHNSON (born                      January 21, 1944, in Lubbock, Texas, on October 11, 1971.

a.MICHAEL AARON RHODERICK, born April 28, 1976, in Lubbock, TX; married JENNIFER ALLEN 

aa.  MICHAEL DAVID RHODERICK, Born June 1, 1998, Farmington, NM.

b. HEIDI RHODERICK, February 17, 1972, married DAVID HAMLOW, on February 26, 1995, at                                          Farmington, NM:  His father’s  ? No children.

2.  LESA BETH RHODERICK, October 12, 1953, and married TERRY DON WILLIAMS (born April 29, 1954)                         August 11, 1972, at Lubbock, Texas. 

a. JASON DON WILLIAMS, born May 22, 1976,  in Lubbock, Texas.

b. BRIAN PAUL WILLIAMS, born May 26, 1979, married KRISTI SUZANNE GREEN (born June 2, 2000,                             at Lubbock, Texas) in Lubbock, Texas. Pearland, TX 77584

3.  RICHARD CARL RHODERICK, born October 22, 1957 in transitu from Lubbock to Plainview, Hale County,                       Texas, where his birth was registered…

C. BERNIE LEE (BUNGIE) RHODERICK, born May 17, 1924, married GRACE BELL,


1.  BARRY LEE RHODERICK, April 7, 194 ???., in Morton or  Lubbock, ?, Texas. Not Married. 


2. SARAH LOIS RHODERICK, born in 1949, not married, living in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM.




Then married JANE “JJ” MCCONNELL….


D.  LYNN RHODERICK, born September 15, 1932, married HELEN JANETTE BARR, August 15, 1956; then                 married CARLA JEANE ROOKS, born April 29, 1942, in Orlando, Florida, on October 10, 1987, in Albuquerque,               NM. Grants, NM 87020
ALL children with HELEN JANETTE BARR, Rio Rancho, NM.  505 890 0852. Albuquerque, NM 87114.

1. JOHN SCOTT RHODERICK, born May 19, 1959, m. to SUSY ANDERSON in December 4, 1959, married on                      June 6, 1991,Grants, NM.

A. ALYSSA RHODERICK, born October 28, 1992, in Gallup, NM, age 11.

2. DAVID LYNN RHODERICK, born April 22, 1963, Plainview, TX. ROSEANN SCHWARSIN, born in                   Brooklyn, NY, on January 26, 1966.   Married on October 26, 1989, at Albq. NM. Divorced. Albq. NM. 

A. PATRICK DAVID RHODERICK, born October 25,1992, at Albq. NM.

B.JAMIE ANN PENA, born March 21, 1985, in  Albq., NM.

3. JANA LEN RHODERICK, born November 6, 1967,at Plainview, Hale County, Texas, SAUL DAVID                                  ROLLASON, born November 19, 1958, Hilo, HA, Married in Gloustershire, England, July 2003. Hilo, HI 96720

Married JOSEPH MAY, born March 11, 1962,  Pueblo, CO.

a.  CHRISTINA JANETTE ‘CJ’ MAY born September 16, 1988, in Albq. NM

b. ALLEN LEVY MAY, born on July 19, 1992, in Albq., NM.

c. DANIEL JOSEPH MAY, born on December 31, 1995, Riverton, WY.

d. ANDREW JACOB MAY, born November 22, 1999, in Riverton, WY.

4. ELLEN GAYLE RHODERICK, born April 6, 1972, Plainview, Texas), married TOM ASHWORTH, on October                     21, 2002, at Albq., NM. 

E. LORENE RHODERICK, born _______, died in ____Provo ? UT; married CLAYTON NEAL JOHNSON (born ___,                in Hubbard, TX? He died Quitaque, TX on ___________)on __________ at _______; divorced in 1985.

1. TOMMIE LOU JOHNSON, born August   , 1944 (59?), at _____, married JERRY BLACKERBY _______, at                         _________) on _________ at ___________.





2.  SAMMIE SUE JOHNSON, now ALI DANCES, born March 21, 1949, at Brownsville, TX; married STANLEY                       PAYNE (Divorced ? Then married ___; then married ___. 





3.  EMMANUELLE (JANIS KAY) JOHNSON, now SAKASHI ASHANTI KIA born Silverton, TX on April 11, 1950;                    not married; no children.

4.  IREE  HANCOCK, born _______, died _____, married EARL OSBORN, born _____, died   , on _________, at __________:

A.  LOLA MAE OSBORN, born May 24, 1927, Logan, NM.  On November 8, 1947, married HUBERT WILLIAM                      HUTCHINS, born JUNE 13, 1927, on at Temple, OK.   Portales, NM 88130

1.  KAY FRANCES HUTCHINS, born September 19, 1948, on __ married HAL JILEK (born at Tucumcari,                             NM,on November 22, 1967). Then married Kirk Zivkovich, in Las Vegas NV on June 8, 1993.  No children.

a.  PRIDE VANETTE JILEK, born April 18, 1968, at Clovis, NM. Las Cruces, NM 88005.  

b.  GINGER GAY JILEK, born January 16, 1970, in Portales, NM, married JUSTIN LIGHT (born May 31,                              1969, in Houston, Texas) married in Portales, NM, July 16, 1989.

aa.  CHENEY THOMAS LIGHT, born December 28, 2001, in Lubbock, TX.

c.  BROOK ANTON JILEK, born October 8, 1979, in Portales, NM. Married EVIE SULLIVAN, July __,                             2003.

d.  CORY DEAN JILEK, born December 29, 1980, in Portales, NM.  Not married

2.  RANDALL DARRELL HUTCHINS, born January 24, 1950, at Tucumcari, NM, married NANCY MOORE, in                        Evergreen CO, and had 2 children, then RITA ELLIOTT, in Seymour, TX. Then, LEE ANN VICKERS, at                            Portales, October ___, 1987.

a.  THERESA MARIE HUTCHINS (born September 14, 1969, at Denver, CO. to NANCY MOORE                                         HUTCHINS) and RANDY married JAMES HERRIAGE


b.  CHRISTINE DIANE HERRIAGE FIELD ? (CHRISTI) (born March 30, 1971, at _____, NM) was married                              to THOMAS MARK QUINN on October 13, 1990, at Springlake, TX. Now Divorced.   

aa.  TAYLOR SHAYE QUINN, born November 14, 1991.

bb.  TORI BLAKE, Born August 3, 1993, at ___________________)

cc.  TOMMIE RAE QUINN, Born April 17, 1995.  

c.  BRANDY HUTCHINS, (not married) ___________________ at CLOVIS, NM

b. BILLY HUTCHINS, born in Clovis,NM, December 24, 1977. Married Corey ______ November 10,                                     2001, in Roswell GA. No children, but expecting.

3.  DENNIS EARL HUTCHINS, born October 8, 1959, at Portales, NM., married PAM DORSEY (born June 9,                        1964, in Greeley, Co.) in Greeley, CO., on June 20, 1982. Divorced in 1986 or 1987.

a. JOSHUA TRENT HUTCHINS, born September 20,1984, in Greeley, CO.

Then DENNIS married DEBRA TURNBOUGH at COTTONDALE, TX on March 16, 1991.  They had 2 girls:

b. DORI LYNN HUTCHINS, born November 23, at Irving, TX.

c. DYLANA HUTCHINS, born January 16, 1998, at Irving, TX.

B. CAROLYN OSBORN, born ______, married BILL WRIGHT on       , at Clayton, NM,

5.   (PETER LEE) ’PETE’ HANCOCK, born June 18, 1898, at ____, died May 2, 1986, at _____, married ETTA TEDFORD, born November 9, 1901,in Peggs, OK (Territory), died October 31, 1993, at Carson City, NV .

A.  VERNELL HANCOCK, born January 8 1920, in Silverton, Briscoe County, TX.  First married GLENN                                  CREED, then ROBERT MARK COX, born June 21, 1920, at Smithville, TX, in Santa Fe, NM, May 23,                              1945.

Born to Vernell and GLENN CREED:

1.  CAROL GLENNEL CREED, born ________, at _____, died September ? , 1938, in Austin, TX. at age                              16, without children.

Born to Vernell and BOB COX:

2. KAREN COX, born February 15, 1948,  Denver Co., to JERRY BARBEE, born ___, at_____. Minden,                              NV 89423

a. JAMES ROBERT BARBEE, born May 18, 1971, at San Saba, TX.  Married Heather Dye, born                                         _____, at ____, July 3, 2003.

b. LISA MICHELE BARBEE, born July 27, 1974, at San Saba, TX; married December 28, 1996 to                                       SHELL LEMBURG, born in _____,  Nebraska
6. JANIE HANCOCK, Born _______, 190? __, at _________ married ZEPH FOGERSON,

A.  JACK FOGERSON, Born February 15, 1917, Silverton, TX., Died December 8, 1988, at Midland, TX, married  ELIZABETH STARK, born April 30, 1920, died July 5, 2000, at Midland, TX.

1.  ZEPH FOGERSON, born March 3 1955, at Seminole, TX. Midland,Tx. 79705

B.  MONAZELL FOGERSON, born June 18, 1925, in Silverton, TX; died __________, at _________ CO?;                             married CHARLES EDWARD NELSON (Born April 8,1925, at La Junta, CO.) on March  1954. 

1.  CHRISTY ‘CHRIS’ FOGERSON, born July 4,1958, at Denver CO; married September 19, 1981, to                                    DOUG BOWEN at Fort Collins, CO: then married PATRICK CHARLES SHERMAN, (born March 18,                                1955, at Corsicana, TX) October 2, 2003, in Phoenix, AZ.  PHOENIX,AZ 85016;   PATRICK has two                                 children by a prior marriage: 

a.  ANNA SHERMAN, 17, born October 12, 1987?, in Pagosa Springs, CO.,

b. RACHEL SERMAN, 12, born February 17, 1992?

3.  IDA RACHEL HANCOCK, born November 26, 1901, at Palmer, Ellis County, Texas; married JESS HARWELL (born May 2, 1897, at Commerce, Texas) on April 19, 1922, at Plainview, Texas?

A.  BETTY JO HARWELL, born October 22, 1923 at Logan, Quay County, NM, died January 31, 2001, in Hobbs,                   Lea County, NM; married WAYNE FRANCES REED, JR. (born December 20, 1920, in Hastings, NE) on                          January 15, 1945 in Hobbs, NM.

1.  DONNA JEANNE REED, GRIFFITH, born March 26, 1946 at Hastings, Adams County, NE; married                                JOSEPH WILLIAM ‘JOE’ GRIFFITH (born September 19, 1946, in El Paso, TX) on November 15, 1974, at                        Hillsbrough, NM.

a. JARED WILLIAM GRIFFITH, born March 19, 1978, in T or C, NM. Unmarried. 

b. JOSHUA WADE GRIFFITH, born October 27, 1979, at T or C, NM. 

Betty married on October 6, 1950, in Yuma, AZ.  EDWARD E. EVANS (born October 2, 1920, in 1954, at                        Sipes Springs, Franklin, TX) in Hobbs, NM, who died just after Betty died.  No Children.

B. JESSE ‘Jay’ BORN HARWELL, JR. born March 1,1927, died in Lubbock, TX, September 13, 2002, married                      January 26, 1946, in Hobbs, NM, IRIS JUNE REED born November 11, 1927;

           ‘Jay’ then married SAMIA RASHED, (born September 18, 1959, in Cairo, EGYPT) on July 7, 1988, in                             Cairo,Egypt.   


a. VALLEYE DIANE HARWELL, born May 7, 1949, married MICHAEL SCHWARTING (Now divorced)

1.  BENJAMIN LEWIS SCWARTING, born May 7, 1972, married Kassie Michelle Koger, born September                               __, 1977, at Miami, OK, June 7, 1997, 

a. BRYCE MICHAEL SCWARTING, September 27, 1997, at Joplin, Newton County, MO.  

2.  DANIEL SCHWARTING, born December 26, 1976, in Fort Polk, LA   

b. CYNTHIA JANE ‘JANIE’ HARWELL, born December 25, 1951, in Midland, Ector County, TX; married ROSS                    RADEMACHER, born December 25,1951, at UNM Alumni Chapel, on July 28, 1979, in Albuquerque, NM.   

1.  EMILY JAYNE RADEMACHER, born December 13, 1982,


c. JESS REED HARWELL, born February 24, 1953, married JUDY CATES, July 28,  Portales, NM, 88130,  

1.  AMANDA ‘MANDIE’ JUNE HARWELL, born May 13, 1978, Clovis, NM, married to CHAD FLETCHER                             CHANDLER, born _____, July 11, ?.  Married on July 11, 1996, in Portales.  Fort Collins, CO.,

2.  JESSICA MAE HARWELL, born July 23, 1980, in Albq. NM, married to JAMES BRIAN JONES                                      (August 11, 1981, Macon, GA). Married September 23, 2003, in Portales. Clovis, NM.

3.  DAVID REED HARWELL, born October 10, 1983 in Clovis, NM, married to JACKLYN JOHNSON, born                            July 12, 1985.  Married August 9, 2003, in Portales, NM 
d.  KATHRYN ‘KATIE’ JUNE HARWELL, born July 19, 1963, in Hobbs, NM, married to LARRY JOSSELYN                          (born Thief River Falls, MN, July 9, 1958); at Alamogordo, NM, June 28, 1986. Alamogordo, NM 

1.  KALA JUNE JOSSELYN, born September 13, 1987, at Alamogordo, NM.

2.  TYLER GORDON JOSSELYN, born June 14, 1991, at Alamogordo, NM, and

3.  TARA MARIE JOSSELYN, born February 12, 1980, at Alamogordo, NM.

C.  HELEN JANICE HARWELL, born June 29, 1928, at ______________, then married JOHN VELPEAU                              RYAN, II, (who had 2 children, Jane Elizabeth Ryan Hahn and John Velpeau Ryan III, who were not adopted                     by Helen) on in Hobbs, NM      

1.  PAUL KEITH WHITE, born April 27, 1949, married DEBBIE NEWMAN, born on November, 1952, in                                 Odessa,  TX.      

a. PAULA JANEEN WHITE, born June 15, 1968, married MARCE WARD, Born November 11, 1966, at                                   ____ Florida, the Colony, TX 75056

aa.  ALIXE CHRISTEN WARD, born April 4, 1989, at ______

bb.  CARLY REAGAN WARD, born December 21, 1992, at ________,

   PAUL then married NORMA GAIL (born July 25, 1952, at Olney, TX) in Wichita Falls, January 27, 1995.

2. STEPHEN LEE WHITE, born December 19, 1953, married KATHY KEYS, 903 720 5910 then m.                                      THERESA WITHROW, ?

a. JERAMIE WAYNE WHITE, born February 21, 1978, in Hobbs, Lea County, NM

b. STEPHANIE NICOLE WHITE, born May 2, 1979, also born in Hobbs, Lea County, NM,

3. SUSAN JANICE WHITE, born July 23, 1957, Santa Clara, NM. 88026. 
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

LOU BURNEY HANCOCK ,  born April 16, 1888, in Palmer, Ellis County, Texas.
........BERTHA LOIS HANCOCK , born November 6, 1895, in Palmer, Ellis County, Texas.
........IDA RACHEL HANCOCK, born November 26, 1901, in Palmer, Ellis County, Texas.
........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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..................HANCOCK, P.L. and IDA JANE HARVILLE had the following childredn:

........IREE  HANCOCK ,
....... JANIE HANCOCK,  
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